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I'm starting to use Paint Tool Sai too.
*EDIT* 7/25/14 I no longer use Ms Paint.
Although I've finished some artwork so far, but I haven't post them yet, mainly because I've been too down to do it.
A few reasons why:
1. I admit, there are some people that I befriend with and a really close bond with them over the summer. I just feel like my relationships with them are drifting away. It's like that they don't even know that I exist anymore. The last time I saw them, I hardly got to spend anytime with them, and when I did, they barley even talked to me. I also I have to admit, I did befriend with some people at the Psychiatric Ward, and I really miss them. they actually were really kind and wonderful people. Sorry if I sounded too whiny there, but I just feel a little lost now.
2. Here's one that is making me extremely paranoid, and motivating me less to be almost even be on this site anymore. I feel like that I going to be accused of tracing, which I actually don't do. I bet some already have, such as Tumblr. Hell I'm don't really like looking at recolored and traced pictures my self. And if I tell them, they won't believe me and are going to be like "Yeah, right." "Bullshit!" and "Hypocrite"! I know I have some pictures that may look like they're traced, but they're not. I just draw out the pictures then scan and color it. I admit I do use a lot of drawing tutitorials and references from poses, but I never actually trace them, and really do practice drawing them out myself. I guess I should stated them in some of my pictures, such as my Joker one that I did on Photoshop, which I drew from this one drawing tutitorial site. Do I even need to make a video of myself drawing a picture by hand and then scanning and coloring that picture just to prove myself?! Anti art thieves can be as annoying as art thieves themselves.
3. My OCD is still as awful as before. I barley even feel like explaining this one, and my Zoloft is barley even helping.
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Valerie Depa
United States
Hi, I'm formally known as tomboygirlP5, but my real name is Valerie and I'm a tomboyish girl who loves to have fun. And I really dream of being a Cartoonist when I grow up. As you know one of my biggest influences were the Golden age of animation cartoons and some dark creepy ones. I also love Anime/Manga too.

Gender: Female
Race: Half-Asian and Half Caucasian
Height: 6'10
Sexuality: Polysexual
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brunette

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Funny and cool stuff
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:iconpenelopetayntplz: :iconsaysplz: Amanda Please !
:iconsaladfingersplz: :iconsaysplz: I like it when the red water comes out!

Awesome people that I know in real life- :iconlouiselulu22:(sister) :iconagentsonic:(friend)

I just got into the Transformers series, well mostly the cartoon series and the movies. This mostly includes many Transformers related things too. I mean all the Transformers things. I also grew up watching a lot of Mecha anime. I think I've might have watched the old school Transformers cartoons too, including G1.

As for the whole Marvel vs. DC thing, I like both. But, I admit I'm a little more of a DC person. I read their comics more (No, I don't really read Teen Titans, except for like one issue), and I grew up watching more of their shows such as Batman The Animated Series and Justice League. I admit when it comes to Marvel, I go for the movies a little more, maybe because I grew up watching their movies more such as Spiderman (yes I saw all 3 including the Venom) and the Fantastic Four. I admit there are some Marvel heroes that I really like, but have never really checked out the comics much.

For those that are wondering about Teen Titans, I'm sorry I'm not really into the series anymore. That doesn't mean I hate it either, I still like very few of it though. And no, it's not really because of TTGO! I even feel that about the original series too. This means I don't like any of the pairings/couples anymore, this even includes my favorite ones from the past. Nowadays, they are just becoming too overrated. I admit I still like a few characters such as Terra.

Those of you who are wondering about my religion, I'm Agnostic for now (I admit I'm starting to lean towards the Atheists side too). I have been raised in a Christian family, so over the years I was Christian until now, where my opinions started to change. Even when I was Christian, I've never really believed in heaven or hell for the afterlife. I'm now starting to believe in reincarnation. But I still respect those that have different views on religion as well. Also, as for Veggietales, I still enjoy it and am a fan of it. I used to watch it a lot as a child and I still like the new ones that they're making. Although I'm no longer believe in religion, and identify myself as a Christian, I still appreciate the values the series teaches such as being thankful and such. Plus the catchy songs and silliness of it.

Series that I plan on getting into/becoming a fan of/getting really interested in:
Young Justice
Steven Universe
Lupin III
Yonder over Wander

My Tumblr…

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